Overview – M1000

T-Motors new range of UAV the ‘T-Drone’ series are long endurance platforms each capable of over 60 minutes flight time depending on setup. First to arrive is the M1000, below we document the build process and our thoughts


Size – 1000m diagonal

Frame weight with motors and ESCs 1050g !! (no case)

MTOM ~ 6.8kg

Motors – 4 x MN7005 320KV

Props – 24inch ultra light – UL24” x 7.2”

Battery – 2 x 6S 16000mAh could use 2 x 10k or 12k or single pack or Li Ion

My Setup

Below is the chosen setup for this build log, many variations available.

FC – Cube Combo – Pixhawk 2.1 and Here 2 GNSS

Initial control setup – FrSky RX8R and 868X telemetry

Herelink for RC, VTX and Telemetry will be the final setup once tested

Camera – TBC possible a zoom camera with the intention of making surveillance drone.

Power management – Mauch PL50 (current sensor) Mauch 017 to power cube and give additional 5v and 12v, Mauch 083 backup power 2.

SF20/c – 120m laser altimeter for accurate height above ground, may use this for mapping so will fit anyway

Batteries – will test with 2 x 6S 10K, 12K and 16K to check flight time and performance.

First Flight and Tuning

After the initial setup and checks a test flight was carried out with 2 x 16000mAh and no payload.

On default settings with filtering reduced to 10 the M1000 was flew quite well.

I decided to give auto tune a test, in past experience with large props and low KV motors auto tune normally produces a bad tune.

In this case I reduced the aggressiveness to 0.05.

With the long flight time it was comfortable to do all the axis in a single flight.

The results of the Auto Tune were very good, I made the usual adjustment after of increasing ATC_THR_MIX_MAX to 0.8

Also the YAW rotation speed needed to be reduced to 3000

Parameters and Settings

Terrain following with SF20/C