VectorSave 10 – Parachute System for DJI Phantom

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VectorSave 10 – Parachute System for DJI Phantom

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VectorSave™ 10 launcher with parachute.

Fast deployment, no modifications to drone, triggered by angle or drop. Senses for stopped motors so no false deployment.

It works and we have tested it!

1 in stock

Product Description

VectorSave™10 Phantom4 parachute system consist of

VectorSave™ 10 launcher with parachute.

Parachute system has convenient snap-on connection to Phantom landing gear and it is harnessed around the centre body of Phantom copter.

The VectorSave™ 10 is a spring deployment system (5kg) with a smart sensing system built in to the bottom of the unit, It senses for a sudden drop or over angle to deploy the chute. The chute will not false deploy as it is also sensing that the motors have stopped before deployment.

How to use

Fix the VectorSave™ 10 to the drone as shown in the manual,  press the arming button once to power on (green light) when you are ready to fly press the button again to arm, the light goes blue. When you arm the chute the drone should be level, this is because it also looks for over angle as a triggering mechanism so it calibrates level on arming.

Once you land press the button again to disarm.

The VectorSave™ 10 has a built in battery which lasts about 6 hrs and is charged via its micro usb port.

Technical details

  • launcher technology: Moverod™
  • Parachute dimensions: 0,85 m x 0,85 m (0,72 m2)
  • Weight: less than 100g

Additional Information - Postage Dimensions

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions20 × 12 × 7 cm


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