TwinMapper V2

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TwinMapper V2
Price for guidance
upto 4hr Flight Time
Full Frame camera
PPK optional

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Product Description

TwinMapper V2

The TwinMapper V2 is a long endurance twin motor mapping plane.,

The TwinMapper V2 is a built from the MFE believer kit with modifications  custom parts and high quality control systems and electronics


To map large areas with a full frame camera ; endurance upto 4 hrs – cruise speed 16-18 m/s

Payload – Sony A7Rii, RX1Rii, A6000 series or QX1/R10C. Similar sized cameras can be used. payload upto 1kg

Changes to payload / take-off weigh effect performance and flight time.

Reliable, redundant with serviceable parts

Motor, IMU and battery redundancy + more

Motors and servos easily serviceable / swappable

Launching and Landing

The TwinMapper V2 is designed to be hand launched, powerful motors aid take off. please note the weight is 5-6kg and may not be suitable for all persons to launch. 

Landing – belly land, rubber pads provide protection and give soft landings. The plane can land automatically or with pilot input.

Parachute is available as a safety add on for required operations but is not advice as a regular landing method. 

Portability and asembaly






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Weight20 kg
Dimensions120 × 80 × 60 cm


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