Holybro – PM06 Power Module – V2

Holybro – PM06 Power Module – V2

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This PDB has 5v output 3A output

Integrated voltage & current sensor for flight controller

UBEC Maximum Input Voltage: 7~42V(10S LiPo)

PCB Maximum Continuous Current:120A

5 in stock (can be backordered)

Product Description


PCB Current: 120A continued
UBEC Current: 3A Max
Power input: DC 7V~42V(2S~10S)
Power output: DC 5.1V~5.3V
Dimensions: 35x35x5mm
Mounting hole: 30.5mm*30.5mm
Weight: 7g

Make the PM06 show the quantity of electric charge of your battery
Mission Planner setup:

  1. Connect PM06 to the battery, also connect it to Mission Planner via USB.
  2. Click “INITIAL SETUP” and come to the menu “Battery Monitor”.
  3. Make “Monito” into “Voltage and Current”.
  4. Make “Sensor” into “Other”.
  5. Make “APM Ver” into “The Cube or Pixhawk”.
  6. Input “18.1” into Voltage divider (Calced).
  7. In put “36” into “Amperes per volt”.
  8. Disconnect and reconnect it to finish the setting up. (“Measured battery voltage” shows the current quantity of electric charge of the battery.)

Package Include:
PM06 board*1
80mm XT60 connector wire*1
6pin GH cable *1
6pin JST cable *1

Additional Information - Postage Dimensions

Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions9 × 1.25 × 12 cm


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