Jeti Advance 77 Pro OPTO

Jeti Advance 77 Pro OPTO

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Jeti Advance – 77A OPTO ESC

3-10s LiXX ESC, OPTO isolated no BEC

Available on back-order

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Product Description

Jeti Advance Pro 77 OPTO

Jeti Advance 77 Pro OPTO


Supply Voltage 6 – 42 v
Max. Continuous Current 77 A
No. Cells LiXX 3 – 10
No, Cells NiXX 12 – 30
Max. BEC Current N/A
BEC Voltage N/A
BEC Type None OPTO
Operating Temperature -10 – +85 °C
Telemetry No
Weight 60 g
Dimensions 53 x 26 x 14 mm
Jeti Advance 77 Pro OPTO

Jeti Advanced Pro – Range Details

The Jeti Advanced Pro are the latest high quality professional range of ESC’s from Jeti Models of the Czech Republic

The Range has the following variations

Advanced Pro – Linear BEC, lower current 10 & 12A, 2-3s (we do not stock these, available as factory order)

Advanced Pro SB – with an integrated Switching BEC to provide a 5.5V power-supply (receiver and up-to 6 servos)

Advanced Pro SB HS – with an integrated Switching BEC and also suitable for normal and High Speed (high RPM) motors

Advanced Pro OPTO – No BEC for power to receiver / servos, support for higher cell counts

Programming and Default Settings

The default settings for Jeti Advanced Pro range are shown in the table below, these can be changed using the transmitter or with the optional programming card.

Setting Value (default bold)
Battery Type NiXX  LiXX  LiFe
Cut-off Voltage Low  Medium  High
Cut-off Type Hard  Slow Down
Brake off  Medium  Hard
Acceleration Low  Medium  High
Timing Auto  Low  High
Motor Rotation Right  Left

Optional Programming Card

Jeti Prog Card Pro

Product Manual

Additional Information - Postage Dimensions

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 3 cm


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