Hitec HS-56HB Feather Servo with Karbonite Gear

///Hitec HS-56HB Feather Servo with Karbonite Gear

Hitec HS-56HB Feather Servo with Karbonite Gear


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Hitec HS-56HB Feather servo with KARBONITE Gears

Upright and flat mounting tabs

7 in stock

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Product Description

Hitec’s revolutionary Karbonite™ gear train, these gears are four times stronger than our standard white nylon gears and even after hundreds of thousands of cycles it will not show any signs of wear. Combined with precision components that have been engineered to provide long lasting trouble free service, the HS-56HB sets a standard for heavy duty ultra micro servos.


  • Heavy duty KARBONITE gears with ball bearings
  • Upright or flat mounting tabs


  • Speed: 0.12sec/60deg at 4.8v, 0.1 at 6v
  • Output Torque: 1.2Kg/cm at 4.8v, 1.4Kg/cm at 6v
  • Weight 11.2g
  • Size: 22.6 x 11.6 x24mm




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