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radix is engineered to perfection with a visually stunning form factor and plug-and-play stacking. The radix flight controller stacks seamlessly on the radix power board or Hobbywing 4-in-1 ESC using soft cables for vibration isolation. Its simple, sophisticated design facilitates a faster build time and minimizes human error.

40 in stock

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Product Description

RADIX FC Features

·  Best setup manual ever made 

·  Betaflight quick start guide:

·  Improved form factor for easier soldering of PDB / 4-in-1 ESC underneath RADIX FC

·  Plug-and-play stacking on RADIX PB or Hobbywing 4-in-1 ESC using soft cables for vibration isolation

·  Graphical OSD – the only flight controller running BF with this feature

·  Customizable OSD logos using the BrainFPV Logo Customizer

·  STM32 F4 processor running at 180MHz

·  Better sensors – Bosch BMI160 gyro, proven on RE1 (pilots are raving about it)

·  Integrated barometer – so you always know how high you are 

·  MicroSD card slot for logging

·  Integrated silicone grommets for vibration isolation

·  Dedicated camera control pad for changing camera settings

·  Dedicated RGB LED output for programmable LEDs

·  Four full hardware serial ports (UARTs) – two of them have signal inverters that are automatically enabled or disabled, so they can be used with S.Bus or SmartPort

·  6 motor outputs with support for DHSOT (150/300/600/1200) and OneShot

·  Supports Betaflight

·  Engineered and tested in the USA

Technical Specifications RADIX FC

Processor: STM32F446RET6, Coretx-M4, 32bit, 180MHz, 128kB RAM, 512kB Flash.
IMU: Bosch Sensortec BMI160 running at 3.2kHz, connected using SPI.
Baro: Bosch Sensortec BMP280 connected using SPI.
OSD: Full-graphic, PAL/NTSC auto detect, adjustable black and white levels. Full Betaflight OSD support with extra graphical features. Support for side-by-side 3D when used with a 3D FPV camera.
Memory: MicroSD card slot for logging.
Motor Outputs: 6 outputs with full DSHOT (150/300/600/1200) and OneShot support.
Receiver Support: PPM, S.Bus (inverter built-in), DSM, HoTT,  SRXL, CSRF, FPort ready. 5V or 3.3V supply for receiver. Receiver is powered from USB for easy and safe setup.
Telemetry Support: FrSKY Smart Port, FrSKY Sensor Hub, HoTT Telemetry, SRXL, CSRF, FPort ready. Built-in inverter for FrSKY telemetry.

Serial Ports: 4 full serial ports (UARTs). UART3 and UART6 have inverters for S.Bus and SmartPort telemetry. Inverters are automatically enabled/disabled for maximum flexibility. 
 Dedicated RGB LED output.
Camera Control: Dedicated output for accessing the camera menu to change camera settings.
IR Emitter: Dedicated output for infrared based lap timing with multi-protocol support (I-Lap, Trackmate). Needs external IR LED and driver.
Buzzer Port: Dedicated port for 5V (100mA max) buzzers.
Analog Inputs: Voltage sensing up to 35V, current and RSSI inputs (3.3V max).
Power: 4.5V to 5.5V, 120mA.
Dimensions: 37mm x 37mm, 30.5mm hole spacing. 4.1mm holes for anti-vibration grommets.
Weight: 6g

How Does RADIX Compare to the Competition?

Here is a comparison with our previous flight controller, the BrainFPV RE1, and other recently released products. I hope you agree that RADIX kicks ass 🙂

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