AXI 2820/14 GOLD LINE V2 860KV

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AXI 2820/14 GOLD LINE V2 860KV


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AXI 2820/14 – 1050KV – 3-4s – 148g – 520W

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Product Description

AXI 2820/14 GOLD LINE V2

New high torque brushless motor with rotating drum and high power neodym magnets is designed especially for unlimited 3D model up to 1400 g in weight. This motor is suitable for new model Mini Raven 49″, Sebart Katana S30E etc. Due to it’s high torque this motor is capable of turning large propellers with a high level of efficiency and without the need for a gearbox.

Hardened steel shaft is supported by three ball bearings. A feature in the AXI design is a provision for radial mounting (see picture). Delivered as standard radial mount set includes: mounting flange, propeller adaptor, securing collar, and screws.

Technical Specification

No. of cells 3 – 4 Li-Po
Max. efficiency 88%
Max. efficiency current 15 – 30A (>75%)
No load current 1.7 A
Current capacity 37 A/60s
Internal Resistance 78 mohm
Dimensions (∅ x L) 35 x 44 mm
Shaft diameter 5 mm
Weight 148 g
Max. Power 520 W

Additional Information - Postage Dimensions

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 cm


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