RF Design 868

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RFD868+ Radio Modem

The RF Design 868+ radio modem is an ideal solution for long range telemetry or communication.

Key Features

  • No configuration requires for out of the box RF communications
  • Outdoor RF line-of-site range of >40km or more depending on antennas (80km demonstrated on balloon)
  • AES hardware accelerated encryption
  • Air data rate speeds of up to 250kbps
  • Diversity antenna support
  • Dimensions 30x57x12.8mm
  • Weight 14.5g

Wiring your RFD868

We mark your RFD868 radio and cables with a gold dot on the -ve connector, simply attach at these points, see picture for details.

Providing External Power

When using the RFD868 radios on the highest power an external power source is recommended.

A 5V 3ABEC can be wired in to the air end.

If using a tablet on the ground end this may not provide enough power, again a 5V 3A BEC

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