Pixhawk 2.1

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Pixhawk 2

Pixhawk2 is the latest iteration of Pixhawk, which is an independent open-hardware project.
Pixhawk2 supports different kinds of airframes – helicopters, multicopters, planes, quadplanes, rovers and more!
An easy firmware update is all it takes to re-purpose your hardware into a different role.
Modular flight controller
Reduced integration complexity
Ample I/O for even the most complex airframes
All-in-one design with integrated FMU and IO processors
Vibration-damped IMU board
It comes 100% RTK GPS ready.
Multiple GPS capability is standard.

Pixhawk Comparison

Pixhawk 2 ‘The Cube’ Pixhawk
Modular Cube Design Yes No
Dampened IMU Yes No
Triple redundant IMU Yes No
Support multiple platforms Yes Yes
CM level GPS Yes No
Multiple GPS systems Yes No
Open dev environment Yes Yes


  • 5 serial ports
  • 2 CAN ports
  • 2 I2C ports
  • 2 power ports
  • 1 ADC port
  • 8 dedicated opto capable PWM out
  • 6 GPIO that can also be used for PWM
  • Dedicated Spektrum RX port
  • S.Bus in and out, PPM in

The Cube

The Pixhawk 2 Cube has a total of 29 MEMS sensors in it:

3 x 3-axis Accelerometers
3 x 3-axis Gyroscopes
3 x 3-axis Magnetometers
2 x Barometers

It comes 100% RTK GPS ready.
Multiple GPS capability is standard.

The Pixhawk 2 comes with ‘The Cube 2.1’ and features the following changes over the Solo version

  1. Heater added to the IMU’s
  2. New driver chip on the PWM out 1-8, which allows safer driving of OPTO ESC’s
  3. Fix added for the PPM / S.Bus input which improves signal quality.
  4. Move to MPU9250 to replace the MPU6000
  5. Removed some LEDs to improve Gyro noise.