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Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries



Our ENDURO range of Li-Ion Battery packs is made using the Sanyo NCR18659GA cells.

This provides the highest power density of our Li-Ion battery packs for longest flight times.

These battery packs are best suited for fixed-wing or endurance multirotor, The constant discharge rating of 2C means you must have a 30 minute flight time or more with the desired capacity.



Our Power range of Li-Ion Battery packs is made using the Sony Konion US18650VTC6 cells.

This provides the highest discharge rating of our Li-Ion battery packs allowing their use in many platforms.

These battery packs are suitable for a 6C constant discharge and can be used in multi-rotor and fixed-wing.

Painless 360 Video on our Li-Ion Packs

Watch Painless 360’s video on our Lithium Ion Enduro packs

Lee Schofield of Painless 360 produces quality, informative videos

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General guidelines for safe use

  • Charge fully to 4.2v per cell before first use (3s = 12.6v, 4s = 16.8v, 6s = 25.2v).
  • Do not charge over 4.2v per cell.
  • Do not charger at a higher current then stated in each packs guideline.
  • Use a high quality battery charger.
  • Never discharge below 2.5v per cell (under load).
  • After charging do not use within 10 minutes.
  • Do not store fully charged for extended periods of time.
  • Storage voltage is 3.5-3.7v per cell.
  • For longest life charge batteries shortly after use to full charge or storage charge depending on when you will next use them.
  • Never mix new and old packs, packs of different capacity or packs of different chemistry.
  • Take care of your packs, don’t use damaged packs, check packs regularly especially after hard landings.