Seagull UAV, makers of camera triggers

Seagull UAV - Seagull IR

Seagull IR

#IR is an infrared camera trigger !

Seagull #IR gives you control of your cameras shutter via infrared commands.
#IR will work with Sony, Nikon, Canon and Olympus cameras that are able to be triggered by an infrared remote. Servo cable is included with #IR – making it really simple to get started !

#IR can easily trigger your camera – either with your R/C transmitter from the ground, or let your Flight Controller do the job. A lot of camera brands and models are supported.

Seagull UAV - Seagull MAP2

Seagull MAP2

Working within Aerial photography, Geomapping, Agricultural analysis, 3D modelling or something else – where you need to trigger your camera from a UAV platform?
We have a perfect solution for you, introducing Seagull #MAP2 !

#MAP2 is controlled by a standard PWM servo signal from your R/C receiver and/or Flight Controllers like 3DR Pixhawk, APM 2.6, DJI Wookong, DJI A2 – and many others with camera support.

Seagull UAV - Seagull REC

Seagull REC

#REC controls the following functions on your camera:

• Video record start/stop
• Zoom
• 2 Auto Photo modes
• Manual Photo mode
• Camera On/Off
• Timelapse

Seagull UAV - Seagull SYNC

Seagull SYNC

Seagull #SYNC is a universal hotshoe that interfaces with Pixhawk, APM and other flight controllers that utilize the use of feedback from a camera hotshoe.

Obtain high precision mapping with our custom designed hotshoe adaptor that connects directly to Pixhawk or APM based supported systems.
Use it in conjuction with Seagull #MAP2, Seagull #REC or a camera trigger of your choice !

When a photo is triggered with fx Seagull #MAP2, the feedback from the hotshoe of the camera is sent to your Pixhawk/APM where your GPS posistion will be logged on the exact time when the camera triggered vs. normally – when Pixhawk/APM sends the signal to the camera trigger.

This way you will reduce drift of your photos to obtain I higher precision with your mapping !