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Sensor Board Highlights:

  • Current sensor is a “true hall sensor” up to 50A (HS-050-LV/HV), 100A (HS-100-LV/HV) or 200A  (HS-200- LV/HV)
  • Continuous current 200A for all sensors (HS-050 / HS-100 /HS-200)
  • Over current: 1200A@25’C or 900A@85’C (all sensors)
  • Ultra-low noise power supply (LP2985-4.0) for current sensor and offset shifting circuit.
  • Microchip MCP601 operational amplifier for offset shifting.
  •  LiPo voltage measurement with 1% resistor divider in factor 9:1 (LV) and 18:1 (HV)
  • Supply voltage to Pixhawk / APM = 5.35V/3A (from connected external BEC)
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