Mauch Electronics produce a range of high quality products to compliment your Pixhawk 1 or 2. The products relate to power management and sensing, products such as the Hall sensors for highly accurate voltage and current measurement, BEC’s, hubs for multiple battery setups and now power cubes which will also provide power to on-board electronics.

Mauch Electronics - Mauch – BECs

Mauch - BECs

Mauch Electronics - Mauch – HS Series

Mauch - HS Series

Sensor Board Highlights:

  • Current sensor is a “true hall sensor” up to 50A (HS-050-LV/HV), 100A (HS-100-LV/HV) or 200A  (HS-200- LV/HV)
  • Continuous current 200A for all sensors (HS-050 / HS-100 /HS-200)
  • Over current: 1200A@25’C or 900A@85’C (all sensors)
  • Ultra-low noise power supply (LP2985-4.0) for current sensor and offset shifting circuit.
  • Microchip MCP601 operational amplifier for offset shifting.
  •  LiPo voltage measurement with 1% resistor divider in factor 9:1 (LV) and 18:1 (HV)
  • Supply voltage to Pixhawk / APM = 5.35V/3A (from connected external BEC)

Mauch Electronics - Mauch – Power Cubes

Mauch - Power Cubes

The Power-Cube V2 series was developed to match the increasing power demand of bigger UAV’s together with the new Pixhawk 2.1. The installed equipment, such as… Heated IMU’s, Flow sensors, OSD, 2x GPS, Telemetry, Edison board, Gimbal, Camera, Landing gear, Parachute, Digital servos, LED’s, Raspberry Pi 3, Lidar… etc.
With all or some of this equipment the standard power modules are over loaded or at least operating at their upper limit, which means there is a big risk of failure and overheating of the system.
This new series will now take care of all the equipment. Each output is rated for continues current of 10A with max. current at 15A (current limit 20A).
The design is based on the reference design of the LM5116 from Texas Instruments. Without any costs cut, but even improved component selection, such as oversized FET’s, SPEC capacitors from Panasonic… etc.

Mauch Electronics - Mauch – Premium Line

Mauch - Premium Line

The Premium-Line Series was developed with implementing the customers feedback during the past 2 years.
The series mainly supports the new Pixhawk 2.1 (The Cube), but can be used for any other flight controller via an adapter cable.

The Premium-Line series does not replace the existing product line