This range of propellers is intended for electric motors, and has been developed to generate high levels of thrust even at low rotational speeds. This is accomplished by using a thin blade section of wide chord. This series represents light, strong and torsionally rigid carbon-reinforced propellers. They are also an excellent choice for multicopter models, and certain sizes can be used in pairs (left and right-hand rotation).

These propellers were developed using a CAD system in order to ensure accurate blending of blade pitch and airfoil. The blade shape is identical to that of our proven Cam-Carbon folding propellers, but the hubs are smaller and therefore lighter. The moulds – produced using CNC machines – and the carbon fibre reinforced propellers themselves are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Each propeller is supplied with a set of spacer rings to suit the following shaft diameters: 5, 6, 6.3 and 7 mm