Autopilots - Pixhawk 1

Pixhawk 1

Pixhawk 1 flight controller

Autopilots - Pixhawk 2.1 ‘The Cube’

Pixhawk 2.1 'The Cube'

Pixhawk 2 ‘The Cube’
Pixhawk2 is the latest iteration of Pixhawk, which is an independent open-hardware project.

Autopilots - Pixhawk Accessories

Pixhawk Accessories

Accessories for Pixhawk and Pixhawk 2 flight controllers

Autopilots - PixRacer


Many people will mistakenly believe that the PixRacer is just a standard “racer” controller that lacks many of the functionalities of a complete autopilot system. Well, don’t be fooled! PixRacer has all the capabilities of the original PixHawk – and even more! But is optimized in size and has just about the right amount of input/outputs that allows you to switch from a full enriched autopilot stack system -with autolanding and full navigation- to a high-performance racing platform. Yup, if you get tired of advanced precision waypoints, then flip the switch and race like a pro!

Autopilots - PX4