3DXR is pleased to announce we are now stocking the LightWare SF11/C, this 0 – 120m Laser altimeter is great for centimetre accurate height measurements. Some uses include accurately recording height, obstacle avoidance, improved landings on multirotor, terrain following, better execution of landing on fixed-wing aircraft

Product Description

SF11/C is a long range (0 … 120 m), light-weight, laser altimeter designed for above-ground level measurement from UAVs (multi-copter or fixed wing).

Typical applications:

  • Warning of FAA height limits
  • Precision photography
  • Terrain following
  • Assist with takeoff, landing and hovering.

The SF11/C provides accurate and fast altitude (AGL) measuring capability, regardless of terrain. It includes digital (serial and I2C) and analog (12 bit) outputs along with a micro USB configuration port.

  • Easy to configure using the built-in menus and LightWare Terminal software
  • Fully calibrated and ready to run
  • Complete with power, interface and micro USB cables.

Key Features

  • Very compact and lightweight – 35 grams.
  • Accurate AGL altitude measurements on ground, foliage and water.
  • Fast update rate of 20 readings per second.
  • Includes serial, I2C, USB and analog interfaces with programmable capabilities.
  • Easy to configure using the built-in menu and LightWare Terminal software.
  • Fully calibrated and ready to run.
  • Compatible with Pixhawk, APM and other flight controllers.
  • Accurate, reliable altitude measurements in sunlight or dark conditions.
  • Not affected by: speed; wind; changes in barometric pressure; noise; ambient light; terrain or air temperature.

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