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3DXR - KYBOSH 250 2.5m V-Tail VTOL Frame Kit

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 VTOL 2.5m V-Tail Frame Kit 

  • Long endurance drone - ideal for mapping surveillance.
  • The kit comes in a padded aluminium case, as per the picture.
  • **Please note: The Kit does not include any electronics. Suggested electronics can be obtained separately from our website**

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After Payment you can arrange your own shipping if you prefer - Dimensions for transport: 147x41x54cm, 24kg.****

  • Long endurance drone with vertical take-off and landing fixed wing, wingspan 2.5 meters, it is electric version .
  • This model combines the characteristics of long-endurance, high-speed and long-distance of fixed-wing UAVs and the vertical take-off and landing of rotor-wing drones.
  • It does not require runway but only small space for take-off and landing, and can be operated smoothly on ship deck, narrow airspace, mountain, complex terrain and densely populated areas such as hills, jungles.
  • The whole process of autonomous flight can be completed without operator intervention for cruise, flight state transition and vertical take-off and landing.
  • The equipment compartment is a replaceable hatch cover, and different mounting hole positions can be designed for different load requirements of the user.
  • The fuselage is designed as quick release structure, with reliable electrical connection, plug and play; unfolding and withdrawal time is less than 10 minutes.
  • The engine is rear-mounted and the load is placed forward to provide a larger field of view for the photoelectric load without obstruction.


  • Body material: carbon fibre, glass fibre, Kevlar, pvc interlayer, etc.
  • Body length: 1.26m
  • Wingspan: 2.5m
  • Landing gear height: 19.5cm
  • Landing gear installation position: below the rotor rod
  • Task compartment size: 260mm*172mm*90mm
  • Battery compartment size: 260mm*150mm*85mm 
  • Position of mission compartment: directly below the centre of gravity of the aircraft
  • Structure weight: about 3.2kg
  • Maximum take-off weight: less than 13kg
  • Maximum payload: 2kg (standard load: 1-1.5kg)
  • Endurance time: 170min/1.5kg (standard power configuration) (fixed wing power can be equipped with 18650 batteries to increase endurance time)
  • Standard cruising speed: 65km/h (about 18m/s)
  • Maximum cruising speed: 108km/h (30m/s)
  • Stall speed: 16m/s
  • Minimum circling radius: 150m
  • Maximum level flight limit: 4000m above sea level
  • Wind resistance of fixed-wing mode: no less than 7 wind (17.1m/s)
  • Maximum wind resistance in rotor take-off and landing mode: no less than class 4 wind (8m/s)
  • Operating environment: -20℃~45℃; can fly in light rain
  • Power battery: 2x25000mah
  • Take-off and landing method: vertical take-off and landing
  • Vertical power blade size: 16 inches (recommended)
  • Fixed wing tail thruster blade: 17 inches (recommended)

Recommended Set-up (Sold separately on our website)

  • 4 x T-motor V505 KV260
  • 4 x T-motor Flame 60A HV ESC
  • 2 x P16*5.4 Propeller CW&CCW
  • 1 x T-motor AT115A  ESC
  • 1 x T-motor AT4130 KV230
  • 1 x APC 17*12 Propeller CW
  • 4 x GDW296X servo
  • 1 x Matek ASPD-DLVR Air Speed Sensor
  • 1 x Mauch Power Cube 4 & PL100A
  • 1 x Cube Orange 
  • 1 x Herelink
  • 2 x 6S 25000mAh HV Lipo battery



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