3DXR – Clouds Twin Fixed-Wing 1880mm

//3DXR – Clouds Twin Fixed-Wing 1880mm
3DXR – Clouds Twin Fixed-Wing 1880mm2017-05-09T17:05:48+00:00

3DXR – Clouds Twin Fixed-Wing Mapping Drone

  • Long range 1 to 3 hours flight time

  • Hand launch and belly land (Automated)

  • multiple payload configurations

  • long range control and telemetry

  • Multiple redundant systems

  • RTK version available

Powered by Pixhawk 2.1

Pixhawk 2 Edison Edition
  • Triple Redundant IMU

    • 3 x Accelerometers
    • 3 x Gyroscopes
    • 3 x Magnetometer
    • 2 x barometer
  • Multiple Power Supplies

  • Heated IMU for operating in low temperatures

Choice of Payload

Choice of payload including Sony A6000 and QX1, also capable of multiple cameras and multispectral cameras.

Sony cameras (and others) can be triggered by the Pixhawk 2.1 based on time or distance to give the desired overlap, geo data is recorded on the Pixhawk’s SD card which can later be merged with images for photogrammetry uses.

Optional Features

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS

Centimetre level GNSS positioning, greatly improve data for geotagging photos, accurately fly waypoint missions and improve autonomous landing.


Laser Altimeter

Accurate height measurements up to 120m, improve terrain following, altitude reading and autonomous landings.

Lithium Ion Batteries

For the longest flight time our own Li-Ion battery pack prove superior over Li-Po batteries

UgCS Pro

UGCS Professional

Professional Universal Ground Control Software, easily plan complex flight missions from your laptop. Photogrammetry features for mapping missions, import of 3D terrain and building models.


Our custom built UAS are made to order, lead time is 4 weeks. Prices below are for guidance, contact us for a bespoke quote and a UAS to meet your needs.

Package 1

  • Fibre glass reinforced airframe

  • Pixhawk 2.1 with GNSS

  • 868 MHz data link

  • Sony QX1 and 20mm lens

  • Radio controller

  • Laptop for mission planning

  • Batteries and chargers

  • Auxiliary equipment and spares

  • Training day

  • Technical manual and flight reference cards

From £7995.00