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3DXR - Roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes-Matte

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Roll wrapped high strength carbon fibre tubes 3k matte twill.

  • high strength
  • uniform thickness
  • ideal for UAV builds, robotics etc. 

Our Roll wrapped carbon fibre tubes are manufactured by wrapping multiple layers of 12k UD and 3k twill carbon fibre prepregs around a metal mould and then cured at high temperature. The UD prepregs are used in core layers whereas the twill is on the surface.


  • All tubes are 1m in length.
  • Tubes come in a variety of sizes (Outer diameter x Inner diameter)
  • Some tube sizes can have different wall thicknesses.
  • Please select correct sizing of the required tube (please refer to the picture showing outside/ inside diameters and varied wall thicknesses)

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Carbon Tube
3DXR-CFTM-6x4mm Outside Diameter (OD) 6 mm
3DXR-CFTM-6x4mm Inside Diameter (ID) 4 mm
3DXR-CFTM-6x4mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-6x4mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-8x6mm Outside Diameter (OD) 8 mm
3DXR-CFTM-8x6mm Inside Diameter (ID) 6 mm
3DXR-CFTM-8x6mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-8x6mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-10x8mm Outside Diameter (OD) 10 mm
3DXR-CFTM-10x8mm Inside Diameter (ID) 8 mm
3DXR-CFTM-10x8mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-10x8mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-12x10mm Outside Diameter (OD) 12 mm
3DXR-CFTM-12x10mm Inside Diameter (ID) 10 mm
3DXR-CFTM-12x10mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-12x10mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-14x12mm Outside Diameter (OD) 14 mm
3DXR-CFTM-14x12mm Inside Diameter (ID) 12 mm
3DXR-CFTM-14x12mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-14x12mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-15x13mm Outside Diameter (OD) 15 mm
3DXR-CFTM-15x13mm Inside Diameter (ID) 13 mm
3DXR-CFTM-15x13mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-15x13mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-16x14mm Outside Diameter (OD) 16 mm
3DXR-CFTM-16x14mm Inside Diameter (ID) 14 mm
3DXR-CFTM-16x14mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-16x14mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-18x16mm Outside Diameter (OD) 18 mm
3DXR-CFTM-18x16mm Inside Diameter (ID) 16 mm
3DXR-CFTM-18x16mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-18x16mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-19x17mm Outside Diameter (OD) 19 mm
3DXR-CFTM-19x17mm Inside Diameter (ID) 17 mm
3DXR-CFTM-19x17mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-19x17mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-20x16mm Outside Diameter (OD) 20 mm
3DXR-CFTM-20x16mm Inside Diameter (ID) 16 mm
3DXR-CFTM-20x16mm Wall Thickness 2 mm
3DXR-CFTM-20x16mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-20x18mm Outside Diameter (OD) 20 mm
3DXR-CFTM-20x18mm Inside Diameter (ID) 18 mm
3DXR-CFTM-20x18mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-20x18mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x21mm Outside Diameter (OD) 25 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x21mm Inside Diameter (ID) 21 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x21mm Wall Thickness 2 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x21mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x22mm Outside Diameter (OD) 25 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x22mm Inside Diameter (ID) 22 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x22mm Wall Thickness 1.5 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x22mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x23mm Outside Diameter (OD) 25 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x23mm Inside Diameter (ID) 23 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x23mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-25x23mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x24mm Outside Diameter (OD) 28 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x24mm Inside Diameter (ID) 24 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x24mm Wall Thickness 2 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x24mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x25mm Outside Diameter (OD) 28 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x25mm Inside Diameter (ID) 25 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x25mm Wall Thickness 1.5 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x25mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x26mm Outside Diameter (OD) 28 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x26mm Inside Diameter (ID) 26 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x26mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-28x26mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x26mm Outside Diameter (OD) 30 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x26mm Inside Diameter (ID) 26 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x26mm Wall Thickness 2 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x26mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x27mm Outside Diameter (OD) 30 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x27mm Inside Diameter (ID) 27 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x27mm Wall Thickness 1.5 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x27mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x28mm Outside Diameter (OD) 30 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x28mm Inside Diameter (ID) 28 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x28mm Wall Thickness 1 mm
3DXR-CFTM-30x28mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-35x31mm Outside Diameter (OD) 35 mm
3DXR-CFTM-35x31mm Inside Diameter (ID) 31 mm
3DXR-CFTM-35x31mm Wall Thickness 2 mm
3DXR-CFTM-35x31mm Length 1000 mm
3DXR-CFTM-40x36mm Outside Diameter (OD) 40 mm
3DXR-CFTM-40x36mm Inside Diameter (ID) 36 mm
3DXR-CFTM-40x36mm Wall Thickness 2 mm
3DXR-CFTM-40x36mm Length 1000 mm
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